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Haiga, little known in the West, is a form of Japanese painting associated with Haiku poetry. Both emerged in the Edo period (1603 - 1868), and express deep sentiments profoundly linked to nature and the four seasons of the year.

Haiku is a short style of Japanese poetry in  measures of five, seven five verse well known to Japanese and westerners alike. Not so well known are the paintings of famous Haiku poets such as Buson, who first attempted to express their poetry as paintings.

Haiga belong(s) to the field of Nihonga (Japanese colour painting), and more particularly to Suiboku-ga (Japanese ink painting). This book is illustrated by Yukki Yaura, with calligraphy by Suiyu Enomoto. It contains many poems by famous Japanese Haiku poets and contemporary Western Haiku poets as well. Students from the Japan Suiboku Centre have also contributed Haiga paintings inspired by the great Haiku poets of Japan. Haiga is for anyone interested in Haiku poetry and want to express their innermost feelings by painting. This book gives simple directions on how to paint, and is suitable for poets, teachers, students and painters. Published by Suekichi Book                                    


Illustrated Haiku Poems



ISBN 0-9538692-1-0   £15.95

 屋良有希 榎本翠邑


“At Last, authentic illustrated Haiku
Poems in Colour!”

Now an easily downloadable ebook version.

Yukki Yaura HAIKU: Illustrated poems available in printable pdf format now!

Suekichi Book publishers is delighted to announce the colour ebook version of Yukki Yaura’s popular illustrated Haiku book.

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Dear reader,

Haiku is a short poem of three lines that captures the essence of the moment, be it the sound of a frog splashing into water, the feeling of intimacy between people among plum blossom, or the sight of a harvest moon.

Haiku Illustrated poems is a beautiful homage to the essence of living haiku, evoking inspiration from the heart of haiku, with people, nature, the four seasons, pleasures, festivals, which shines light on human joy in verse and vision.

There are over 60 haiku including those from Basho, Buson, Ransetsu, Chiyo-Ni and Shiki all of whom were born in the Edo Period (1600-1868). It was the Edo Period that was known as the “Floating World”, partly because Japan was cut off from the outside world, and partly because the people of Japan experienced a greater degree of freedom than the average Westerner does today. This freedom was a mix of cross cultural fertilization between artists, craftsmen and women, poets, writers, the merchant and samurai classes.

Want to know about more about the careers of author Yukki Yaura and Suiyu Enomoto?

Author, artist and calligrapher Yukki Yaura known for her exquisite painting and diversity, in particular Yukki’s work with director Peter Greenaway in his feature film of the modern day version classic THE PILLOW BOOK, and EMPIRE OF THE SUN for Steven Spielberg, has also a list of published books she has authored, illustrated and designed.

Yukki Yaura’s collaboration with living master calligrapher Suiyu Enomoto, and some of the most outstanding haiku poets of Japan makes this colour version a uniquely genuine experience to read, that brings out the universal appeal of haiku, Asataro’s translation is widely accepted as one of the best.

Suiyu Enomoto has won numerous awards, prizes and is a judge at one of Tokyo’s top calligraphy schools. She has contributed to numerous other books including several published by Suekichi book.

We bring you this Japanese collaboration of illustrated haiku that was originally in black and white sold exclusively through the British Museum and one or two Art establishments in the U.K., now as a full colour downloadable pfd, which unlike most ebooks of this kind you are allowed to print!


This is the only authentic book on Haiku with illustrations I have come across outside of Japan. The calligraphy is outstanding and brings a depth to the translation. I have had so much pleasure reading your Haiku book and always recommend this to my friends as the most collectable haiku book available.

Paul Cook, Melbourne


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Thank you for producing this beautiful collection of illustrated haiku poems. I often read passages to lift my mood. The book has inspired me to visit Japan and start writing my own poems.

C E Spense. UK



My life is hectic, so I take a few moments each day to read your haiku book. One of my favourite poems is the two young bamboos and the moon. My husband has started reading it now, which is wonderful, as he has never expressed an interest in poetry before. The pictures really do justice to the poetry

Sara O. CA



I write my own haiku, and find this book a great reference source. Sometimes I just look at the illustrations and write my own words. Thank you for making this book, I shall be buying it as gift for my friends.

Shireen D, York



I am a Japanese living in Germany, and came to London to buy some of your books while visiting the British Museum. They did not have any in stock, so I am very grateful to be able to get your colour version of the book Haiku Illustrated poems on line.

T Sugiyama. Germany



Great, fantastic, now at last I have an online resource for the art and poetry I teach. Thank you so much

Jean Wesley. Ireland

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Suekichi Book publishers are delighted to bring to you these quality publications, and know you will enjoy them as much as the visitor to the British Museum's Book Shop who we have supplied for the last 8 years with books by Yukki Yaura.

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